Transportation and travel Policy now online

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Transportation and travel Policy now online

Post  Dave Turner on Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:00 am

Wibsey Lions has created a transportation and travel policy which will govern our club officials, ensuring we follow correct practice when providing lifts for players.

As we want to give every child an opportunity to play in matches, we do try our best to arrange lifts for players who cannot otherwise attend training and matches.

However, in a world where Child Protection is becoming more relevant, we have decided that it is essential we have a policy in place to ensure our children our safe, and that our coaches protect themselves against any potential incidents.

Obviously, we are stringent in our recruitment process, and we endevour to make sure our club officials are suitable to work with children, and its very unlikely that we would have any incidents, but we are committed to ensuring this is the case.

for more information contact the Child Welfare officer. or click here to got to our club policy page

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