Fees and Subs and a breakdown of our expenses!

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Fees and Subs and a breakdown of our expenses!

Post  Dave Turner on Mon Jul 18, 2011 11:58 pm

People are asking about how much the signing on and subs will cost.

As you know, we are a voluntary club, so none of us are making any money out of this! All subs and fees that you are required to pay are to cover our expenses which we occur as a football club.


County Football Association affiliation: £35
Child Welfare Officer Training: £40
New Footballs/Bibs/Cones: £200
11-a-side Nets: £75
Corner Flags: £50
CRB Checks: £153.30 (10x £15.33)
Level 1 coaching badges: £450 (3x £150)
League Enteries: £30 per team
Mini Soccer Goals: £460 (4 x goals £115 each)

Almost £1500 in outgoings!

Weekly Fees

£25 per hour training costs at Grange SC (per team)
£20 per match (Pitch Hire Queensbury School, St Winefride's)

This means we have to cover £1500 set up costs, plus £45 per week, per team.

Our New Subs and Fees

Our new subs will be £3 per week September-May, ! ( it will be £2 per week out of season)

Our signing on fee will be: £20 (Under 10's and Under 14's) and £10 (Under 7's and Under 8's)

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