Questions about the Under 7/8's age groups

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Questions about the Under 7/8's age groups

Post  Dave Turner on Tue Jul 12, 2011 12:17 am


Some people are asking questions about the Under 7's and Under 8's teams we are planning to form shortly. We would like to answer these questions for you. Here are some examples already.

Q:How much will it cost?

A: Subs will be £3 per week during the season (sept-may) and £2 per week. Sign on Fees will cost £10 for the Under 7's and the Under 8's. For more information on our expenditure please click here

Q:When are matches played?

A: Matches are played usually on a Sunday Morning, however sometimes this might also be a saturday morning.

Q: Will they play in Home and Away matches and where will these be?
A: We will be in the Huddersfield League! But don't panic!! At mini soccer the teams are put in teams based on their geographical location, so most oppostion teams will be based in Bradford, and this side of Huddersfield. Our home games will temporarily be at Queensbury Upper School (But this is likely to change). Long term we are hoping to use Grange Sports Centre's football facilities which will be built shortly.

Q: How do we get to matches?
A: Usually we will meet at a certain location, and drive in convoy. This does mean that having your own transport is important. However there maybe ways we can work around this, if you have no access to transport. This would need to be raised with the team manager.

Q: What do we have to buy so the children can play matches?
A: The essentials are shinpads, football boots and a water bottle. Football boots can be as cheap or as expensive as you decide. The best place to buy them is Sports Direct. Prices range from £7-8 to £100, but its strongly advised not to spend too much, because they will grow out of them very quickly.

Q: What about a kit?
A: We don't ask parents to buy a kit, because it does become very expensive otherwise. We always try and find a sponsor to pay for the whole team's kit, in exchange for their company name displayed on the front. Kits normally range from £26 each, or £450 for the entire kit.

Q: Will they be playing in a competitive league?
A: Yes and No, they will be taking part in competitive matches, against other teams. However results are not recorded and league tables are not allowed to be displayed. Under 9's is when league tables are worked out.

Q: How long do the matches go on for?

A: Each 5-a-side match is 15 minutes each way. Normally their will be an 'A' team and a 'B' team match. Sometimes a player maybe asked to play in both teams.

Q: What does the 'A' and the 'B' team mean?

A: This is a point of debate in junior football. Because some say that players shouldn't be split in terms of ability. However we disagree on this point. Its important that players play with others of their own ability. For example, a new player who has little confidence and has a lower ability than his team mates should play in the 'B' team, where they can learn skills, have more time on the ball and build their confidence against players of a similar ability. Putting the best player in the team into a 'B' team would be similarly unfair. He wouldn't be challenging himself against better players, and it wouldn't be fair on the opposition.

However, we do try to remove emphasis on the 'A' and 'B' teams. Player are part of the 'Under 7's' team regardless of whether A or B.

Q: Who will be the manager?

A: The Manager and coaches will be made up of parents hopefully! We are hoping that parents get in touch who might be interested. The club will fully support the volunteers, ensuring they are CRB checked and that they obtain an FA Level 1 qualifcation. Temporarily the teams will be managed by the club secretary until the new manager has confidence and knowledge to take the team on themselves.

Q: When does the season start?

A: The season starts on the second sunday in September, and usually finishes in April some time (depending on weather).

Q: If my child joins an age group can they carry on training at the Mini Soccer School?
A: Of course. The mini Soccer school will carry on running, and your child is welcome to carry on training alongside age group training.

Q: What age group can my child play in?
A: Age Groups are decided based upon school years, so player born between September and August of the following year, would be in the same team. Here are the current age groups based on school years

Please note this is correct for the new school year in September... not for this year!

School Year (2011/12)
Age Group
DOB from
DOB to
Under 5's
Year 1
Under 6's
Year 2
Under 7's
Year 3
Under 8's
Year 4
Under 9's
Year 5
Under 10's

Q: Can I take photos at matches?
A: This is a tricky subject. It shouldnt be a problem, but you will need to check with BOTH team managers before you do this, even if you just want to photograph your own child. All children have had permission from their parents to be photographed playing football, but you may get other parents who aren't happy about this.

Q: Any tips on how to help my child with his football?
A: I think the best advice is to encourage and be supportive. Parents play a massive part in junior football, so its important that you do your best to enable them to play football in a pressure free and fun environment. Its not good to be too pushy or put pressure on them to succeed (believe me, some parents do). As long as you do this, and make sure they get to matches and training, then they will thrive!

Q: How can I help out?
A: If coaching or managing isn't your thing, then their are lots of other ways to get involved. For example, helping put the nets away after a match, running a raffle during home games to raise team funds, helping with paperwork during games, or joining the parents commitee. For more information on how to help, please get in touch with Dave Turner on 07588 056327 or email

Q:What If I have any more questions?
A: Please get in touch, or 07588 056327.

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